kiting with flysurfer

Are you ready to take your skateboard gene to new heights, then you must try our landboarding course.

If you participate in a landboarding/mountain board course, you can expect the following exercises to be gone through.

KiteSyd’s Powerkite level 1 is training on the beach without board and estimated to take about 3 hours.

The following points will be reviewed

Unpacking the equipmnt and rigging the kites

Check the equipment and pre flight check of kite and equipment.

understanding of the security issues and check and understand the area and sorroundings.

Pay attention to the requirement for personal safety equipment for kiting.

Is able to control and use kite safety systems.

Can launch and land the kite alone.

Can fly in all areas of the wind window and understanding of power zones.

Has achieved basic flight skills. understands of low top and bottom turns and sine curves.

can get twisted lines fixed while the kite is in the air.

Is able to make the safety pack down